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TALKING TO STRANGERS  was a series of scenes I created for my actors in my Film Workshop...they became a film when I decided that these scenes properly edited in a unique manner would make for a interesting film...in the end I shot the film 3 x and I have created a new concept in editing...the scenes on this site are NOT a final Edit...it's designed to share some of the work...you will have to see the film when it is released or when the official trailer is released...till then enjoy the work that is posted...

BUSINESSMAN. AUTHOR. SPEAKER. Michael Levine is one of the best known names in the field of public relations in the world. Referred to as the “Michael Jordan of Entertainment PR” by the late Steve Allen, he has made his mark on the public relations world through his books, television appearances, and most of all through his extensive history of servicing the biggest names in Hollywood and the world..Now he tries to explain what happened to one of his Top Clients (Filmmaker Michael Savage aka sirtony)...as he tries to complete 2 Feature Films...MUST SEE Trailer...with a World ICON of the Publicity World...


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a film by Michael Savage ...creator of THE TOTAL WORKSHOP FOR ACTING.com  This site is to share the Film Process of the making of TALKING TO STRANGERS....the scenes and the RAW Footage and location footage placed here is to let you see the progress of the film...click here for  background info