Dear Sarah...for the record here are a couple of E mails I just got after doing more shooting...enjoy...


Dear Michael,

It was easy working with someone as talented and beautiful as Tiffany. Not everyone can pull off the kind of character that she did. She really focused and got into the scene, despite how uncomfortable it might have been for her to behave like that. And you were really concerned with getting the most out of the scene, and helping me out until I got more into character. Not everyone would put in that kind of effort. Thanks.
See you Tuesday,

Erik Mena

Hello Michael,

Thank you for including me in the creative process and cast of Talking To Strangers x2. It was a thrill for me when we met for the first time at my first audition one year ago and the joy has not diminished since. All of my interactions with you and those associated with you, have been truly extraordinary. What I mean by this is that your genuine interest and compassion transcends everyone you touch and everything you do - no-one and nothing is taking for granted by you or those associated with you. I have had the pleasure of numerous experiences with you that have touched me and have personally informed me of the unique virtues you embody. Thank you Michael. I am genuinely appreciative of you and grateful for you’re allowing me the privilege of working under your direction, observing you as you work, working with those who like me are drawn to work with you and for being cast me in such powerful roles in your film Talking To Strangers.What a great experience it all has been thus fare. I look forward to our continued collaboration and friendship.My warmest regards,